Nippon Connection 2021- The Daily Highlights (June 5th)

It’s the next to last day, so make sure you get your festival experience in now! The weather is expected to be a bit on and off, so today is the perfect day to snuggle up at home and get your Nippon Connection fix. Here are today’s highlights:


Soundscape Okinawa (12:30 p.m.)

This presentation by a group working with local Okinawan artists will show how they utilize the unique places and landscapes of the tropical islands to create unique works of audio art. The event is freely accessible and will be held in English.

JLMI Online: Interactive Course (2 p.m.)

This online Japanese language class is freely available for anyone who would like to get a head start on learning Japanese.

Kakashiza: Hand-Shadow Performance (2 p.m.)

Kakashiza is a Yokohoma-based shadow theater troupe. Grab a ticket and come enjoy this unique show using only hands, bodies, and their shadows! The event will be held in English.

Workshop: Intercultural Communication (2 p.m.)

This German-language workshop will seek to offer a few tips and perspectives on cultural differences between Japanese and Germans and how to avoid embarassing pitfalls in certain situations. Ticket purchase is required.

Manga Workshop for Kids: Monsters and Mythical Creatures (2:30 p.m., 5 p.m.)

Two seperate workshops especially for the kids are available today, teaching them how to draw their own magical beasts in manga style! Ticket purchase is required beforehand.

Kakashiza Workshop (4 p.m.)

Following their performance, the artists from Kakashiza will offer guests the chance to learn a bit about the art of shadow theater. Ticket purchse is required beforehand.

Lecture: Translating Calligraphy (5 p.m.)

Japanese calligraphy is a beautiful and fascinating art form, and one that requires the right expertise to properly translate in the context of a film. The lecture will be held in English and is freely available.

DJ neelie.- Nippon in the Mix (8 p.m.)

This online performance combining a smorgasborg of various musical styles and influences will be streamed live and available for all. Come check it out!

Film Talks:

Come check our our free film talks with several of this year’s featured directors! The talks are moderated in Japanese and either English or German.


Miwa NISHIKAWA (Director of UNDER THE OPEN SKY), 12:30 p.m.

Yukiko SODE (Director of ARISTOCRATS), 2 p.m.

Shinichiro UEDA (Director of SPECIAL ACTORS), 3:30 p.m.

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