Nippon Connection 2022- The Daily Highlights (May 27th)

Thank God it’s Friday. Thank God for Nippon Connection. Hell, thank God for both! It’s been a lot of glorious and not too hot late Spring weather so far and today looks to be much of the same. So come on out and join us!

Workshops/Special Events:

Lecture: Explore Shizuoka

The view of Mt. Fuji is the most well-known image of Japan, but the region has many other attractions as well.

Workshop: Haiku Walk

Combining sports and poetry, this walk will be used as a place to find inspiration to create haikus, the most popular form of Japanese poetry.

Nippon Open Air: Hatobako

This musical duo, originally from Heidelberg, will liven up the courtyard around the Naxoshalle this afternoon with a great live performance.

Performance: A Page of Madness

Okabre, a musical collective, will grace our stage with another of their film concert series. Ticket purchase is required.

Online Lecture: Paranoia and the Information Society

Professor Wahlten will explore in this online lecture how media can create both problems and solutions in dealing with paranoia and misinformation.

Lecture: New Destinations for your trip to Japan

Angela Troisi, from the Japan National Tourist Association, will provide a plethora of tips and hints as to what there is to discover in Japan off the beaten path.

Nippon Live: The Yamasakis

Julia and Yusuke, a performing duo from Tokyo, are here to provide a fun concert experience for everyone. Ticket purchase is required.

Film Premieres:

Target by Shinji NISHIJIMA

Today’s screening of this important work on the silence towards Korean sex slaves in WWII will be the film’s European premiere.

The Sunday Runoff by Yuichiro SAKASHITA

This raucous comedy about the chaotic mess of local politics has its German premiere tonight.

Tokyo Kurds by Fumiari HYUGA

Another documentary work on an oft-overlooked subject, tonight the film celebrates its European premiere.

Intolerance by Keisuke YOSHIDA

A probing and powerful look into people struggling with grief over unimaginable tragedy, this screening will be the film’s European premiere.

Meet The Guests:

Under the Stars by Tatsushi OMORI

This film’s German premiere will be followed by an online Q&A with one of its stars, this year’s Honor Award recipient Masatoshi NAGASE.

Nippon Shorts II: Stories of Youth

Two of the actors in the featured shorts, Keisuke SAKUMA and Takashi OKADO, will attend the screening in Mal Seh’n Kino.

Song of a Dying Summer by Kohei SENGEN

The director himself will attend the international premiere of his directorial debut.

Melting Sounds by Kahori Higashi

The film’s director will hold a virtual Q&A following the screening.

-Noah Franc

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