Nippon Connection 2022- The Daily Highlights (May 28th)

*Title picture from special premiere, Unlock Your Heart*

It’s getting a bit cooler today, so this just might be the perfect time to come indoors and check out what is on offer for the festival’s biggest day.

Special Events/Workshops:

Dream Job Mangaka?!

Two manga artists, Christina Plaka and Katharina Sato, will offer insights into their career and tips for starting out. The event will be held in German and entrance is free.

Workshop: Japanese Literature Translation

Ursula Gräfe will use passages from film scripts to show the intricate artistry involved in translating literary passages from one language to another.

Online Workshop: Subtitling

This free Zoom workshop will explore the unique joys and challenges of subtitling films. It’s much more nuanced than just translating dialogue word for word!

Online Lecture: Sun and Shadows – An Artistic and Musical Journey Through Okinawa

This Zoom lecture will deal with some aspects of the unique artistic and cultural aspects of the Okinawan islands, one of the more unique places in Japan.

Panel Discussion: Japanese Film Industry – Women Raising Their Voice

This moderated panel discussion will examine what effect #MeToo has had within the film industry, which, much like in the West, has struggled with equal representation and treatment towards women.

Graphic Design in Japanese TV Dramas

In this lecture, Dr. Mariko Takagi will discuss how graphic design is used in TV works to convey sense of character and place. Entry is free and the lecture will be held in German.

Nippon Open Air: Shio

Shio, a member of of the band Habana, returns to Nippon to entertain guests with an open-air performance in front of the Naxoshalle.

Nippon Open Air: Tatto OTA

Tatto Ota, a magician from Frankfurt and a member of a magician’s group, will present a small show in front of the Naxoshalle.

Nippon Live: Karin NAKAGAWA

This ticketed concert at the International Theater will feature celebrated musician Karin NAKAGAWA.

Representations of Okinawa in Film

This lecture will seek to use a postcolonial critique to examine stereotypes in portrayals of Okinawans in Japanese media.

Kakashiza: Hand Shadow ANIMARE

The hand shadow troupe Kakashiza returns for another amazing performance!

Film Premieres:

Sing A Bit Of Harmony by Yasuhiro YOSHIURA

Yoshiura-San returns to Nippon Connection for the German premiere of his follow-up to Patema Inverted.

Pure Japanese by Daishi MATSUNAGA

Today’s screening of this unique action film will be its international premiere.

Ring Wandering by Masakazu KANEKO

This unique fantasy tale of discovery of the past celebrates its German premiere tonight.

The Asadas by Ryota NAKANO

This screening will be the film’s German premiere.

A Madder Red by Yuya ISHII

This difficult film about bullying and endurance has its European premiere at the festival today.

Just Remembering by Diago MATSUI

Another of this year’s films featuring our newest Honor Award recipient, tonight’s screening will be the feature’s German premiere.

Popran by Shinichiro UEDA

Following his smash global hit, One Cut Of The Dead, Ueda-San returns with another bizarro premise. This screening will be the film’s German premiere.

Ninja Girl by Yu IRIE

A girl discovers a unique family secret, leading to an action-filled adventure. Tonight is the film’s European premiere.

Last of the Wolves by Kazuya SHIRAISHI

A sequel to one of his previous films, this yakuza-centered flick has its German premiere today.

Meet the Guests:

Double Layered Town/Making A Song To Replace Our Positions by Haruka KOMORI and Natsumi SEO

The directors of this unique documentary effort to predict how the future will remember the 3/11 tragedies will hold a virtual Q&A following the screening.

Unlock Your Heart by Rin SHUTO

Director Rin SHUTO and producer Hiromitsu SUGITA will attend the international premiere of this LGBTQ-themed high-school drama.

-Noah Franc

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