Guest in Focus: Kensei Takahashi

"MeToo Japan" - A Young Filmmakers Perspective Kensei Takahashi, born 1996 in Hokkaido, already dreamed about making films when he was still a child. Takahashis debut feature Sea was his final work for university and was presented at the Tokyo International Film Festival. We are very pleased that Mr. Takahashi will attend the 19th Nippon Connection … Continue reading Guest in Focus: Kensei Takahashi


Guest in Focus: Natsuki Nakagawa

Of Ghost's and Angry Women – A New Form of Psychological Analyses Natsuki Nakagawas film debut "She Is Alone" will celebrate its international premiere at the 19th Nippon Connection Film Festival. Nakagawa managed to creativly underline her analytic highschool drama with elements of a ghostly psycho-thriller. "She Is Alone" is shown together with the short film … Continue reading Guest in Focus: Natsuki Nakagawa

Guest in Focus: Kosai Sekine

The Art of Anthropology - Kosai Sekine cinematically explores what truly moves people. Director Kosai Sekine studied Philosophy at the Sophia University in Tokyo. Always finding images that emotionally speak to the audience, Sekine directed not only short films but also commercials and music videos. He was awarded the Young Director Award Grand Prix at … Continue reading Guest in Focus: Kosai Sekine

Nippon Honor Award 2019: Shinya Tsukamoto

This year, the fifth Nippon Honor Award will be presented to the multi-talented cult legend, Shinya Tsukamoto. Born in Tokyo in 1960, Tsukamoto grew up with a Super 8 “attached to his hand,” already making films when he was just a teenager, with Akira Kurosawa being one of his first great influences. Though he temporarily … Continue reading Nippon Honor Award 2019: Shinya Tsukamoto