Filmmakers and translators unite

日本国外で日本映画を世界に発信しているニッポン・コネクションは字幕なしでは考えられません。今年の春に字幕翻訳者国際協会が映画監督の皆様へのアピールを発表しました。以下、ニッポン・コネクション映画祭でも翻訳者と通訳者として活動しているイザベル・マッテス と築野真紗子による和訳をシェアします。
Was wäre Nippon Connection ohne englische oder deutsche Untertitel für all die japanischen Filme? Internationale Verbände von Untertitel-Übersetzer*innen haben dieses Jahr einen Aufruf an alle Filmemacher*innen... Continue reading


Nippon Honor Award 2019: Shinya Tsukamoto

This year, the fifth Nippon Honor Award will be presented to the multi-talented cult legend, Shinya Tsukamoto. Born in Tokyo in 1960, Tsukamoto grew up with a Super 8 “attached to his hand,” already making films when he was just a teenager, with Akira Kurosawa being one of his first great influences. Though he temporarily … Continue reading Nippon Honor Award 2019: Shinya Tsukamoto

Nippon Connection 2017- The Daily Highlights (23 May)

Good morning everyone! It’s Tuesday, May 23rd, which means Nippon Connection officially starts this evening! And that means that this evening are the first big events that, if you are planning to come out today, you definitely shouldn’t miss. Special Premieres: Her Love Boils Bathwater by Ryota NAKANO The festival will kick off with the … Continue reading Nippon Connection 2017- The Daily Highlights (23 May)