Nippon Connection 2022- The Daily Highlights (May 29th)

*Title picture from special premiere, Unlock Your Heart*

Given all that’s happened the past two years, we are all the more grateful to all those who have turned out this year for the festival’s return to help make it one truly worth remembering. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And now, we have one day left, so let’s make it count!

Special Events/Workshops:

Nippon Live: Ichitaro & Friends

The International Theater will host an exciting performance on Taiko drums. The event requires ticket purchase.

Workshop: Japanese Moon Pictures

Bring your kids to hear the legendary story of Princess Kaguya and make some moon art of your own! The workshop will be held in German and ticket purchase is required.

Online Film Talk: Masatoshi NAGASE

In leiu of the usual in-person Q&A, Nagase-San will offer an online talk to discuss his career leading up to his recognition with the Nippon Honor Award. Event will be held via Zoom and attendance is free.

Nippon Buyo Workshop

This workshop will introduce attendees to the dance art of nihon buyo. The workshop will be in English and ticket purchase is required.

Panel Discussion: Stories of Youth

This free panel discussion will explore one of this year’s festival themes, stories of youth and growing up in Japan.

Rakugo Performance

Canadian-born performancer Katsura Sunshine will use his wits and talents to show what has made him a successful Off-Broadway storytelling talent. Ticket purchase is required.

Workshop: Japanese Tea

Our beloved tea workshop returns! Ticket purchase is required to attend the event.

Lecture: H. P. Miyabe TARO and the Frankfurt Art Scene

Evan Jungmann will offer some insights into cross-cultural artistic work connecting Japan and Frankfurt.

Film Premieres:

Resonance: A Selection of Animated Shorts

This screening will feature a selection of some of the finest works in animated shorts by up-and-coming talents.

Talking the Pictures by Masayuki SUO

This historical comedy about the dawn of talking film within Japan will both celebrate its German premiere while also featuring the festival’s closing awards ceremony.

Meet the Guests:

One Day, You Will Reach The Sea by Ryutaro NAKAGAWA

A touching story about trauma and memory, the film’s director will offer an online Q&A following the screening.

Unlock Your Heart by Rin SHUTO

At our second screening of this touching story of young love, the director and producer of the film will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A.

-Noah Franc

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