Nippon Connection 2021- The Daily Highlights (June 3rd)

Welcome to the third day of this year’s online festival! Here are today’s highlights.


Japanese Characters for Beginners (12 p.m.)

This ticketed workshop will offer an introduction to how to write some of the many Kanji characters in the Japanese language, considered by many to be the most difficult part of written Japanese to learn. The workshop will be held in German.

Kamishibai Workshop (12 p.m.)

This workshop will give participants a glimpse into the world of Japanese paper theater. The event will be in German and it is recommended to have paper and drawing materials on hand.

No Nukes: A Presentation by Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano (1:30 p.m.)

Our guest will use excerpts from her new book, as well as select film scenes, to examine how films since 2011 have tackled with and helped give shape to the growing anti-nuclear movement within Japan. The presentation is free to stream and will be held in English.

Workshop: Folding Origami (3 p.m.)

Today features the first of two workshop that will show attendees how to learn the art of folding paper into all sorts of amazing shapes. This is a free entry event and will be held in German.

Presentation: Social Pressures, Private Emotions (3:30 pm)

The author Claudia Bertole examines how ideas about family and social expectations play such a key role in the films of Hirokazu KOREEDA. The presentation will be held in English and is free to access.

Cooking Class: Shojin (4 p.m.)

This cooking class will show you how to prepare a certain type of soup and salad in the style of a classic Buddhist temple. The event site includes a list of needed ingredients. This class is ticketed and will be held in German.

Presentation: Traveling to Kyushu and Okinawa (5 p.m.)

This presentation will aim to help tamper down the frustration we feel at not yet being able to travel freely by exploring the wonders that the southern parts of Japan have to offer. This event will be in German.

Subtitling Workshop (5 p.m.)

Markus Nornes, film scholar and subtitles expert, offers a chance to appreciate the fine art and skill needed to make effective subtitles for Japanese media being shown in other countries. This workshop is free to access and will be held in English.

Nippon Game Center Talk (6:30 p.m.)

Three members of the Nippon team will lead a free evening discussion about some of their favorite types of classic Japanese video games. This will be accessible for free.

Online Concerts:

This year’s music concerts are all accessible for free via the event sites. Check them out and jam out!

Jujumo, 11 a.m.

This duo hails from Okinawa and return after a hugely well-received streaming concert in last year’s festival!

Hogaku 2.0, 8 p.m.

This 4-person group specializes in taking traditional tones and instruments and giving them a modern, jazzy twist.

Film Talks:

Our film talks with featured filmmakers are all available to stream online for free and will be held mostly in Japanese and English.

Julien Faraut (director of THE WITCHES OF THE ORIENT), 11 a.m.

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