Guest in Focus: Junta Yamaguchi

In the 2021 edition of the Nippon Connection Film Festival’s NIPPON VISIONS section, we are presenting Junta YAMAGUCHIs feature film BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES.

Junta YAMAGUCHI, born in Osaka Prefecture in 1987, studied Management at Kindai University. Since 2005, he has been part of the theater group EUROPE KIKAKU from Kyoto and works as their film director, editor, and DVD producer. In addition to theater productions, he also directs films, television series, music videos, and commercials, among other things. BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES (2020 / NC ’21) is his feature-length debut. We thank Junta YAMAGUCHI for this interview!

BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES plays brilliantly with the different time layers. What were the greatest challenges when shooting the film?

The greatest challenge was filming the highly difficult long takes. Also, we were allowed to shoot in a real café, after their operating hours. So, we had to shoot the scenes in a very limited time, which made us feel extra anxious every day.

(Nippon Connection 2021 – Nippon Visions: BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES)

What are your favorite time travel films?


How does the current corona crisis impact your work?

The production of films continues with many practical difficulties like rehearsing with masks on, where actors cannot see each other’s expressions. But I believe that we should not let our efforts to create films be stopped, while at the same time doing our best to prevent infections.

(Nippon Connection 2021 – Nippon Visions: BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES)

Japan 2020, 70 min
Watch the film here from June 1 to 6, 2021
at the 21st Nippon Connection Film Festival
Check out the trailer here!







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