Guest in Focus: Kensei Takahashi

“MeToo Japan” – A Young Filmmakers Perspective

Kensei Takahashi, born 1996 in Hokkaido, already dreamed about making films when he was still a child. Takahashis debut feature Sea was his final work for university and was presented at the Tokyo International Film Festival. We are very pleased that Mr. Takahashi will attend the 19th Nippon Connection Filmfestival for the international premier of his film and that he also found the time to answer a few questions for us.

When and how did you first get into filmmaking?

I made my first film when I was 10 years old. Well, it was more a fun video than a film. It was about a trapped chimpanzee escaping from a lab. My cousin played the chimpanzee and my sister the head of the laboratory. Filming was simply the most awesome game for me; and in playing this game, I started making films.

Where did you get the idea for your latest film?

The idea itself originated from the many cases of sexual violence in Japan. The motivation to continue the film came because of the Me Too movement.

NC19_visions_sea_director.pngDirector Kensei Takahashi

What was the biggest challenge while making your latest film?

With a budget of barely 500.000 Yen, each single scene and each cut was a challenge. And the biggest of them was the last scene.

What do you think is a characteristic quality of current Japanese cinema?

Japan being a closed country. Anti-diversity. Too well-behaved.

Do you have an all-time favorite film, and if so, is there a particular reason why it’s your favorite?

My favourite Japanese film is Battle Royale. I’m not trying to flatter Germany, but my most favourite film is Das Experiment (directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel). These two showed me how awesome cinema could be when I was a teenager.


If you weren’t making films, what profession would you pursue?

I still can’t call myself a director… I’m making a living working somewhere as a part-timer. In Japan it is really tough to make a living with the job of a film director, so if possible I’d rather not become one 🙂

映画作りを始めたのはいつ頃ですか? どのようなきっかけでしたか?















The International premiere of Sea will be presented at May 29th. 2019 in the Naxoshalle cinema at 19:45. The director a will be present.

Click here for tickets


Check out the trailer


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