Nippon Connection 2019- The Daily Highlights (May 28th)


Finally, it’s that time of year again! Nippon Connection is back! This year marks the 19th year of the festival that is the largest event for Japanese film in the world outside of Japan itself. We’ve got 6 days, over a hundred films, and dozens upon dozens of cultural and featured events to fill out the program. It’s a lot to cover, so let’s get this party started with the top highlights of Day One:

Special Events:

Nippon Live On-Stage: Mutsumi ARAGAKI

At 9 o’clock tonight, this Okinawan musician will offer a short performance that mixes her wonderful singing with her skills playing the Sanshin, a traditional Japanese string instrument.

Special Premiers:

Marriage Hunting Beauty by Akiko OKU

This hilarious romantic-comedy will enjoy its German premiere as part of the official opening ceremony of the festival.

Jam by SABU

This combination thriller-comedy by the the remarkably talented SABU will have its German premiere following the opening ceremony.

Tourism by Daisuke MIYAZAKI

This unique commentary of the nature of modern youth culture will see its European premiere in the Naxoshalle.

Meet the Guests:

From All Corners by Ryusuke OKAJIMA

The European premiere of this remarkable and unique documentary will be attended by the film’s producer Yuko SHIOMAKI and its protagonist, Fuyuki SHIMAZU.

If You Haven’t Been:

Ramen Lounge

Our delicious Ramen Lounge opens today in the Mousonturm Cafe and will remain available for guests throughout the festival. Ever wanted to try one of the most popular and famous Japanese dishes? We’ve got you covered!

-Noah Franc

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