Nippon Connection 2021- The Daily Highlights (June 6th)

It’s always a shame when Nippon Connection comes to its end each year, but never fear! There are still a few events left for you to enjoy!


Japanese for Kids (11:30 a.m.)

Perfect for children over the age of 8, this beginner’s course will offer a few basics for young viewers looking to get started on their Japanese language skills. Ticket purchase is required and the workshop will be held in German.

Cooking Course: Taihomaki (12 p.m.)

This cooking class will focus on how to make a special dessert from the town of Chita. The language will be Japanese and German. Ticket purchase is required and a list of ingredients to acquire beforehand is on the website.

Workshop: Japanese Etiquette (1 p.m.)

This workshop will provide guests with the basics they must know before their trip to Japan, so that they can avoid any embarassing faux pas. The event will be in German and ticket purchase is required.

Lecture: Family in Contemporary Japanese Cinema (2 p.m.)

The traditional nuclear family remained a core part of Japanese society and culture throughout the 20th century, only to begin to fall apart in the 90’s alongside the economic downturn. This presentation will examine how cinematic portrayals of family in Japan have been altered as a result. The lecture will be held in German.

Festival Award Ceremony (4 p.m.)

Audiences have had the chance to vote on their favorite films from this year’s selection, and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony!

Lecture: Sounds for the Silver Screen (5 p.m.)

This lecture will offer a glimpse into the world of sound dubbing, which, despite digital technological advancements, remains an essential part of film production. The lecture will be held in English and access is free.

Film Talks:

Our film talks with several of our featured directors are held in English and Japanese and are free to access. Take the chance to ask some questions about your favorite festival films!

Takahisa ZEZE (Director of THE PROMISED LAND), 11 a.m.


Nobuhiro SUWA (Director of VOICES IN THE WIND), 2 p.m.

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