Nippon Connection 2020- The Daily Highlights (June 10th)

With this year’s online festival officially underway, today features our first series of livestreamed lectures, performances, and workshops! Here are today’s offers.

The following events can be livestreamed for free without registration:

Lecture: Small Screen, Big Titles (2 pm)

This lecture by Jonathan M. Hall examines how subtitles, and text on-screen in general, has changes in recent decades alongside the more general trends in film as a whole. The lecture will be given in English.

Lecture: “Dream Trip” Japan (4:30 pm)

In leiu of the traveling experience that is currently not possible for most of us, our guest Angela Troisi from the Japan National Tourism Organisation will offer some background information on the best places to visit in Japan so as to let the mind wander and start planning for when that delayed vacation is again possible. The lecture will be in German.

Lecture: The Secret of Sound in Cinema (6 pm)

Goro KOYAMA, a veteran foley artist, will provide a lecture on the amazing variety of techniques used in producing sounds of every sort, many of which you already know from some of the greatest cinema classics ever made. The lecture will last an hour and be in English.

Performance: Usaginingen (7:30 pm)

This musical duo has visited Nippon Connection before, back in 2015. Known for using their homemade instruments to offer unique audio-visual experiences, today they are streaming a 25-minute performance.

The following event requires registering beforehand to access the stream:

Nippon Home Theater with Jörg Buttgereit and Marcus Stiglegger (8 pm)

This Zoom Webinar will offer a unique home theater experience; a communal streaming of a classic Japanese film, with our two hosts providing expert commentary. Join us!

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