Nippon Connection 2020 – The Daily Highlights (June 9th)

It is has been- pardon the understatement- a rather rough year for all of us. The global pandemic has thrown into sharp relief just how fragile so much of our world is. So many things we take for granted, that we simply assume will always be there, year after year, are not so solid after all. If there has been a silver lining to all this, though, it has been the chance offered to all of us to feel an even greater appreciation for the things that make life worth living, including art and storytelling. A great movie works all sorts of magic, so it’s even more important than before for the show, one way or another, to go on.

As such, despite all the uncertainty and on-the-fly adjustments that came with it, Nippon Connection is now back for the 20th time, an incredible milestone that not even COVID-19 can take from us. Though we regret that we can’t all party together at the Mousonturm like we’re used to, this year’s all-digital festival is still packed with movies and cultural events of every stripe.

Since the movie program and many other projects will be accessible for streaming throughout the week, this year our Daily Highlights section will focus on the cultural events, concerts, and workshops that will only be available at exclusive times over the next six days. Everything else can be watched whenever and wherever you wish, so for that, please check out the official website.

Opening Ceremony and Concert

Our opening ceremony, as central to the Nippon Connection experience as anything, will be our first livestreamed event, starting tonight at 6pm CET. This year’s opening will feature a streamed sanshin concert out of London and Paris, featuring Mina MY and Aya HOMMA.

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