Nippon Connection 2019- The Daily Highlights (June 2nd)

NC19_Animation_Liz and the Blue Bird_09

All good things must come to an end. Today is the 6th and final day of Nippon Connection 2019. Never fear, though- we still have a few special screenings and events to offer our guests. This is your last chance, so come on out!

Special Events:

Film Talk- Shinya TSUKAMOTO

This year’s NIPPON HONOR AWARD will be bestowed upon Shinya TSUKAMOTO. As a director, actor, scriptwriter, cameraman, editor, and producer, TSUKAMOTO is able to look back on a successful career, which he will reminisce about in an extensive conversation with Tom Mes, author of the book ‘Iron Man: The Cinema of Shinya Tsukamoto.’

Butoh Workshop

Yuko KASEKI – choreographer and Butoh dancer – will take you right into the world of Japanese dance theatre ‘Butoh.’ Butoh originally emerged after the Second World War and, particularly in the wake of the anti-American protest in the 1960s, developed into a contemporary expressive dance in Japan. In her workshop, you will be able to learn the basics of this abstract Japanese dance. Please bring comfortable clothes.

The workshop is in German and admission is free.

Nippon Open Air: Duo Fuga

Duo Fuga – that is Mutsumi ITO on transverse flute and Alice UEHARA on the cello. Together, the two young musicians enchant audiences with their masterful blend of classical and modern sounds.

Sento: Japanese Bathhouses in Transition

Bathing in hot water is an existential part of Japanese culture. Despite having their own bath, many Japanese are still drawn to the public bathhouses called sento. Why are there still around 600 of them in Tokyo today? What influence did the 1964 Olympic Games have? And why is cleaning sento traditionally the job of men? These and other questions are answered by scholar Christina Pietsch in her lecture.

The lecture will be in German and admission is free.

NC19_Cinema_Dawn Wind in my Poncho_03

Special Premiers:

Liz and the Blue Bird by Naoko YAMADA

The latest work by the creators of the remarable A SILENT VOICE will have its German premiere today.

Hiyorasu Ichida: Animation Shorts

Before completing his first animated feature, Hiroyasu ISHIDA created a series of highly regarded short films, both independently and later with his co-founded Studio Colorido. NIPPON CONNECTION presents a selection of ISHIDA’s short films. After the screening, ISHIDA will appear for a talk session and reflect his work and career.

Nippon Connection Shorts

NIPPON CONNECTION presents an eclectic mix of current short films. AT ALTITUDE and JUJUBA are both poetic and personal family portraits. MOUNTAIN shows the animal collective debating if they should help the dung beetle, FORMAL WARRIOR SUIT RANGER teaches us how to defeat monsters with strict rules, whereas an office clerk in THE MONSTER AND THE BEAST rather ignores those rules. PAPARAZZI deals with the dark side of fame, while WE ARE LUMPEN looks at the kiosk culture of Frankfurt from a Japanese perspective.


Meet the Guests:

Kagura Troupe On The Beat by Kano ENDO and Mirai OSAWA

The film’s directors, as well as the editor Aiko TANAKA, will attend this film’s German premiere.

Dawn Wind in my Poncho by Satoru HIROHARA

The film’s director will attend its European premiere today.


If You Haven’t Been:

Game Center

Every year, it’s one of our main attractions for guests young and old alike- come check out our game center in the Mousonturm if you need a quick break away from the theaters and crowds!

-Noah Franc

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