Nippon Connection 2017 – The Daily Highlights (May 27)

It’s the next-to-last day of Nippon Connection 2017. Seriously, where does the time even go? By now, most of the major films featured at the festival have had their debut, but there are still a few new things to offer, even to those who’ve been here with us the whole week.

Special Events: 

Nippon Live On Stage: AOI Swimming and VJ Mikio SAITO

Aoi Swimming composes her rhythm-based melodies using a variety of toy keyboards. And this is not the only reason why this artist from Tokyo is anything but conventional. In her LP “Top of the Fancy”, released in 2016, she combines poignant social criticism with a fantastic sense of humor. She is supported by strikingly colorful visuals from Mikio SAITO, which are sometimes unsettling, sometimes uncannily sweet.

Filmmaker Talk with Nobuhiro YAMASHITA

Director YAMASHITA will offer a talk and answer some questions about two of his films being screened at the festival, My Uncle and Over the Fence.

Subtitling Workshop

This evening, Jeremy Kuhles will offer a fascinating workshop that will allow visitors to get a direct feel for the work craft that goes into subtitling, an often-underappreciated task crucial to making films available for a wider international audience.

Panel: Preserving Japanese Cinema in All its Forms

The National Film Center in Tokyo, among other organizations, is the central archiving institution for all Japanese film. A predominant focus is hereby laid on 16mm and 35mm film. Book author Tom Mes, along with a group of experts, will debate questions about the current standing of Japan’s cinematic inheritance and how its certain demise might be prevented.

Special Premieres: 

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle by Shunji IWAI

This comedic coming-of-age film is the latest marathon work by Shunji IWAI, and will undoubtedly be one of today’s highlight film experiences.

Meet the Guests: 

GUI AIUEO:S A Stone from Another Mountain to Polish Your Own Stone by Go SHIBATA

The European premiere of this unique, audiovisual film experience will be attended by Go SHIBATA himself.

My Uncle by Nobuhiro YAMASHITA

Tonight’s screening of this film will be the German premiere, and the director will be in attendance for a Q&A.

Eriko, Pretended by Akiyo FUJIMURA

Akiyo FUJIMURA will be present at tonight’s screening to get your feedback and answer any questions about her first-ever feature-length film.

At the Terrace by Kenji YAMAUCHI

This parlor drama about clashing personalities has its German premiere tonight, and Kenji YAMAUSHI will be present for a Q&A afterwards.

Raise Your Arms and Twist! by Atsushi FUNAHASHI

This fascinating documentary takes a critical look at the world-within-a-world of Japanese pop idols, and we are honored that the director himself will be here for tonight’s screening.

Gukoroku – Traces of Sin by Kei ISHIKAWA

The director, Kei ISHIKAWA, will attend tonight’s German premiere of his adaptation of the novel with the same name by Tokuro NUKUI.

Tokyo University of the Arts: Shorts 

Two unique short films, Icarus and the Son and Snake Beneath the Flower Petals, will be screened in this year’s live-action Shorts segment, and the director of Snake Beneath the Flower Petals, Rina TANAKA, will be present at the screening.

If You Haven’t Been: 

Tea Lounge

In a corner of the Naxoshalle, you will find our tea lounge, a more secluded spot from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the festival where you can unwind and recuperate a bit, and, of course, enjoy the taste of some authentic Japanese tea.

-Noah Franc


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