Nippon Connection 2017 – The Daily Highlights (May 26)

It’s Friday, meaning it’s the weekend, but also Day 4 of Nippon Connection 2017! We’ve had good luck with the weather for the most part- most years it’s hot and humid as hell, but aside from a bit of rain we’ve had plenty of good sun without things getting too hot to handle. Today the festivities continue with the following highlights:

Special events:

From Decadence to Excess: Nikkatsu Roman Porno and Japanese Erotic Cinema

Jasper Sharps’ presentation on the history and development of the unique Roman Porno era of Japanese film history will be a central highlight of this year’s focus in the Nippon Retro section of our program. The 1.5-hour lecture will touch on topics ranging from the trends that led to the industry, some of its defining features, and what types of censorship arose in response.

Back and Fast-Forward: Tasks of Visual Media Translators

Dr. Roland Domenig, from Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, will delve into some of the particularly modern challenges of translating and subtitling Japanese films, mixing examples from recent hits and old classics.

Nippon Live on Stage: Ozaka Bondage & Melted Moon

As part of our live show offerings, tonight will include a concert premiering this band’s all-new album, Forever. Their mix of retro-style sounds is sure to provide a singular musical experience perfect for capping off a Friday night at Nippon Connection.

Special premieres: 

Start Line by Ayako IMAMURA

Tonight is the European premiere of the director’s chronicles of his two-month-long bicycle journey through Japan. However, this was much more than just a physical challenge; the director is also deaf, and saw the trip as an experiment in communication and self-discovery. We can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen a film quite like this one before, and may not ever again.

TKY2015 Short Film Series

This collection of short films specifically delve into the massive city of Tokyo, and all the strange cultures and lives it plays host to. 6 different short films are featured this year, and two of the directors will be in attendance as well, so be sure to check this out if you are starved for more short film experiences in your cinematic life!

Daguerreotype by Kiyoshi KUROSAWA

This unique Japanese/French/Belgian film is the latest from last year’s Nippon Honor Award recipient, the famed master of horror and atmosphere Kiyoshi KUROSAWA. Tonight will be the film’s German premiere, and it is sure to be a memorable experience.

Poolsideman by Hirobumi WATANABE

Filmed in black-and-white, this psychological examination of a lonely man who works as a lifeguard won the Splash Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival last year. A must-see for devotees of the art of visual storytelling.

Meet The Guests:

Going the Distance by Yujiro HARUMOTO

The German premiere of this Nippon Visions film will be attended by the film’s director, Yujiro HARUMOTO, and its lead actor, Masahiro UMEDA. This tale about friendship, family, and the lengths we will go to for both, is the director’s debut, and both guests will answer some questions afterwards.

Come On Home to Sato by Yoshiki SHIGEE

The film’s director will be in attendance for the international premiere for this special documentary about the power of joy in children, and the importance of keeping this joy alive into adulthood.

Destruction Babies by Tetsuya MARIKO

The German premiere of this acclaimed film about youth violence will take place in Mousonturm tonight, and the director will be there to get your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

If You Haven’t Been:

Nippon Bookcrossing

During the festival, our open bookcase is an invitation for browsing and perusing, for dropping off or taking out books, mostly on Japanese topics – whether novels, manga or illustrated works, there is something for everybody. All books are registered with BookCrossing, a worldwide Internet platform for sharing and “releasing” books, where each book has its own journal as a way to follow its travel around the world online. Join the community – take out a book, read it, write an entry into its journal, and release it!

-Noah Franc

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