Nippon Connection and Netflix Japan present: HIBANA

  After years of breaking international ground for a host of remarkable works of Japanese film, Nippon Connection is proud to be a part of history by hosting the global premier of one of the first-ever original Netflix series to be produced in Japan, a new international frontier for online television production.   The result of … Continue reading Nippon Connection and Netflix Japan present: HIBANA


What’s to love about Studio Ghibli’s Films

The recently-announced production hiatus by Studio Ghibli will certainly lend a somewhat sad air to this year’s showing at Nippon Kids of the most recent (and, for now, final) feature-length production by the Japanese animation giant, When Marnie Was There (Erinnerungen An Marnie). In honor of this special event, here is a look back at the films from the Ghibli filmography with the best and most powerful lessons for kids. By Noah Franc