Nippon Connection 2020- The Daily Highlights (June 14th)

On the final day of this year’s festival, a hearty thank-you to all who stuck with us and helped make our digital Nippon Connection a success! Here are the final offerings from this year’s online culture program.

The following events can be livestreamed without pre-registration:

Origami (11:30 am)

Join us for our final origami stream of the festival!

Japanese Radio Gymnastics (12 pm)

Of course, no final day at Nippon Connection, whether in Frankfurt or at home, is complete without a round of exercise!

Lecture: Discover Nishi-Awa (1 pm)

This short talk, held in German and Japanese, will provide a glimpse into a magical and less-known corner of Japan.

Panel Discussion: The Post-COVID Future of Japan’s Film Industry (2:30 pm)

Here, a collection of guests from within the film industry in Japan will discuss how the pandemic has specifically affected the Japanese film industry, and what sort of long-term changes may come about as a result.

Kamishibai- Japanese Paper Theater (5 pm)

This short performance, offered by Walburga Kliem, will give its audience a taste of an old form of children’s storytelling that used to be quite popular.

Concert: Duo Fuga (6 pm)

This cello-and-flute duo will offer a short concert featuring reworked themes from the movies of Studio Ghibli.

Concert: Japanese Film Music on Piano (6:15 pm)

Pianist Shinnosuke INUGAI will help close out the festival with a livestreamed concert.

The following events require pre-registration and are not yet sold out:

Cooking Course: Dainty Dango Dumplings (1:30 pm)

Dumplings remain a standard part of Japanese food. In this short course, learn the basics of making them yourself! Please refer to the website for the ingredients and materials you will need to prepare beforehand.

Manga Workshop (2 pm)

Christine Plaka, a renowned German mangaka (manga artist), will offer a more advanced drawing class specifically focused on working with perspective and faces.

Cooking Course: Vegan Sushi (5 pm)

This German-language workshop will teach how you can make vegan-versions of sushi. Please refer to the website for the ingredients needed beforehand.

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