Nippon Connection 2020- The Daily Highlights (June 13th)

It’s our next-to-last day, so make the most of it by joining us for the following events!

These streams can be accessed free and without registration:

Origami (11:30 am)

Today’s origami stream starts in the morning.

Japanese Radio Gymnastics (12 pm)

Radio Gymnastics returns today with a 20-minute program right at noon. Perfect for between-film relaxation.

Robotopia Nipponica Revisited (1 pm)

This German-language lecture by Dr. Cosima Wagner will seek to look in-depth at what really could happen in terms of how robots and AI affect and alter our society going forward.

Panel Discussion: Nippon Connection 2020 (3 pm)

It’s been a remarkable 20 years of change and growth since Nippon Connection was first launched. In this panel discussion, held in English, panelists will discuss what the festival has accomplished so far and where it could continue to grow and expand going forward.

The Kimono- Between Clothing and Cultural Heritage (5:30 pm)

The kimono has seen something of a revival amongst younger generation in recent years. This German-language lecture by Maria Deutsch will look at the history and development of this facet of Japanese culture, and on its current significance.

Concert: Sawa Angstrom (7 pm)

This trio, known for their dazzling electronic compositions, is offering a two-hour livestreamed concert from their base in Kyoto.

The following events require pre-registration and are not yet sold out.

Benshi Performance: Jirokichi the Rat (1 pm)

Benshi is a particularly Japanese art of film narration. Ichiro KATAOKA has gifted Nippon Connection with numerous performances in the past, and this year he returns to narrate this 1931 silent-era film.

The KonMari Method (3:30 pm)

This German-language workshop will examine the increasingly popular methods advanced by Marie KONDO to tidy up one’s home and daily life.

Online Karaoke (9 pm)

Not even a pandemic can stop us from having fun with karaoke, another mainstay of the festival! Register ASAP so you can take part!

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