Nippon Connection 2020- The Daily Highlights (June 12th)

It’s finally starting to feel like summer! To celebrate, join us for today’s offerings from our online festival.

The following events can be livestreamed without pre-registration:

Baby Shiatsu (12 pm)

This Japanese technique for using touch and massages to stimulate the body’s energy can be specifically applied to babies. Our guest, Sonja Nachförg, will explain the basics in this 30-minute, German-language Webinar.

Origami (12:30 pm)

Today’s origami session begins at 12:30. Come try your hand at this beloved Japanese art form!

Translating YUKIO MISHIMA (1:30 pm)

This panel discussion will examine the complex life, work, and legacy of a remarkable (and controversial!) figure in Japanese film and society. The discussion will last about 1.5 hours and will be in German.

Concert: Cosame NISHIYAMA (3:30 pm)

Live from Tokyo, this artist, already making a name for herself as both a musician and an actress, will livestream an hour-long concert of some of her latest music.

Rakugo (5:30 pm)

This centuries-old style of dialogue-centered comedy is constantly being reinvented for modern audiences. This English-language performance by a Canadian artist living in Japan will focus on some of the particular hilarities involved in cultural clashes between Japan and the US.

Nippon Game Center Talk (6:30 pm)

Since we can’t offer our usual Game Corner live, like in past years, a few members of our team agreed to fill in the gap with a roundtable discussion of some more off-the-beaten-path Japanese video games. The discussions will be in German.

Nippon In The Mis- neelie (8 pm)

This livestream by DJ neelie will offer a unique blend of all sorts of different musical sounds and styles.

The following program requires pre-registration:

Japanese for Kids (2 pm)

This workshop, held in German, is meant to provide kids with a short crash course in some of the basics of the Japanese language.

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