Nippon Connection 2020- The Daily Highlights (June 11th)

The weather may be starting to clear up, but today is still expected to be fairly cool. All the more reason to make yourself cozy at home and tune in to whichever of our program offers today strike your fancy!

The following events can be livestreamed without pre-registration:

Origami (11:30 am)

Starting today and continuing through the rest of the festival, members of our Nippon team will do a 20-minute stream showing you the basics of this classic and popular Japanese art form.

Japanese Radio Gymnastics (12 pm)

Also a classic part of our festival program, these basic stretching exercises, set to calming music, will be available for streaming right into your living room! This is the perfect way to loosen up and relax in between movies.

Concert: jujumo (1 pm)

This musical duo will be broadcasting their unique musical performance to us live from their own homes in Okinawa! The concert will last about an hour.

Explore Shizuoka (3 pm)

This short, German-language lecture by our guest Yvonne Proske will offer a short exploration of the beautiful and rightfully-famous Shizuoka region south of Tokyo.

Panel Discussion- Female Futures? (4 pm)

In keeing with this year’s focus on female filmmakers, this panel discussion with three women from the industry will discuss the many ways in which women both shape Japanese cinema in the present, as well as how they can continue to do so in the future. The discussion will be held in Japanese and English.

Women in Contemporary Japanese Cinema (6:30 pm)

Filmmaker and Japanese Studies student Chantal Bertalanffy will provide a glimpse into what roles women both before and behind the camera are playing in modern Japanese cinema, particularly in light of the #MeToo era. The lecture will be held in English.

Concert: Shakuhachi, with Jim Franklin (8:15)

This concert by a master of this traditional Japanese flute will surely be a great way to wind down the day!

The following events require pre-registering to stream and are not yet sold out:

Manga Workshop for Kids (12 pm)

This workshop, aimed at kids, will teach the basics of drawing cute animals and people in the style of popular Japanese manga and anime. For a list of needed materials, please refer to the website.

Tea Workshop (1 pm)

The workshop on tea-making and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is always one of our most popular events, and this year it will take place via Zoom.

Subtitling Workshop (3 pm)

Jonathan Hall is offering a highly-interactive workshop that explores the fine art and creativity needed to subtitle works in another language. It’s not nearly as easy or straightforward as it seems! The workshop will take about 2 hours and will be in English.

Gyotaku Workshop (6 pm)

This workshop will teach the basics of a special printing technique developed by fisherman in the 19th century. Certain materials are recommended to take part, so please check the website for further details.

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