Guest in Focus: Natsuki Nakagawa

Of Ghost’s and Angry Women 
A New Form of Psychological Analyses

Natsuki Nakagawas film debut “She Is Alone” will celebrate its international premiere at the 19th Nippon Connection Film Festival. Nakagawa managed to creativly underline her analytic highschool drama with elements of a ghostly psycho-thriller. “She Is Alone” is shown together with the short film “Who Knows About My Life” by Teppei Isobe at the Skip City International D-Cinema Special. For our Guest in Focus series, Nakagawa shared her perspective on the creation of her first feature film with a strong female main figure.

Where did you get the idea for your latest film?

“I had a vague wish to make a film with ghosts (yurei), probably inspired by Japanese and other suspense and horror films that I love. For example, I love films like Opening Night by John Cassavetes, where a person hunted by something can see people who are invisible to others. There is an enourmous internal conflict. I also wanted to show a girl handling anger In contrast to men, I cannot remember that I’ve often seen girls getting furious and out of control. I thought, I’d love to see this on screen, it would be fascinating. In the end, these two things mixed and turned into this film.”


What was the biggest challenge while making your latest film?

“Everything was a challenge. With the little experiences in filmmaking that I had, first, it was a huge challenge for me to make a feature film. Then, it was a challenge to make a film together with a professional technical crew, including people like Akiko Ashizawa (camera). On the production side, including myself, most of us had almost never made a film before. I’m still surprised how well it turned out. Thanks to everyone involved, we could complete it, and I’m very proud of it.”


NC19_Visions_She is Alone_04

If you weren’t making films, what profession would you pursue?

I’d probably be a normal employee. I cannot imagine in which area. But nevertheless, I’d always have the urge to continue making stories. So, I’d probably quit my job to make films or write a novel or something.  











She Is Alone at the Skip City International D-Cinema Special 
of the 
19th Nippon Connection Filmfestival

Japan 2018, 60 min.
Thursay, May 30, 14:15, Naxoshalle Kino
with Director Natsuki Nakagawa

Click here for Tickets

Check out the Trailer

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