Nippon Connection 2018- The Daily Highlights (May 29th)

Summer is approaching and the streets are dotted with strawberry and asparagus stands, which can only mean one thing- another Nippon Connection is upon us!  We’re coming fast on two whole decades of Nippon Connection serving as a major cross-cultural touchstone for the city of Frankfurt, and as always, we have a lot of great films end events ready and waiting for all our guests!

Special Events:

Shakuhachi Concert

In the first of several musical performances featured in this year’s program, Shakuhachi master Jim Franklin and his wife, Hiroku SUGINA, will perform both traditional and modern pieces on the opening festival night in Studio 1 in the Mousonturm. They will also offer a small follow-up performance on Wednesday in front of the Naxoshalle.

Presentation: Protests in Japan After Fukushima

Dr. Andreas Singler spent five years researching the anti-nuclear-energy movement in Japan, resulting in his new book, “Goodbye Atomic Energy- Protests in Japan after ‘Fukushima,’” which examines the protest movement and the lives of those affected by the disaster. The presentation will be in German.


Special Premiers:

Outrage Coda by Takeshi KITANO

Takeshi KITANO has long since firmly entrenched himself as one of the most famous and recognizable Japanese actors in the world, and his OUTRAGE trilogy has formed a major part of that legacy. This third and final film in the series will conclude the tale of KITANO’s aging gangster, Otomo.


Meet the Guests:

Mori, The Artist’s Habitat by Shuichi OKITA

This film will officially open this year’s festival tonight, and as a special treat the director will be in attendance.

Love and Wolbachia by Sayaka ONO

The international premier of this unique documentary on the nature of love, sexuality, and gender identity will be attended by the director.

A Free Man by Andreas Hartmann

Andreas Hartmann will be on-hand for the festival screening of his new film, so make sure to let him know what you thought!


If You Haven’t Been:

Game Center

As always, a key part of our central festival offerings will be our Game Center, a room set aside for various arcade and console games, both old and new. Admission is free and it is open whenever the festival is, so if you appreciate the unique sounds and aesthetics of video games there’s no excuse to not stop by!

-Noah Franc

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