Nippon Connection 2017- The Daily Highlights (May 24)

It’s another sunny and warm day in Frankfurt, my coffee is steaming in my hand, and day two of Nippon Connection 2017 is about to begin. Yesterday was a lively and bustling start to the festival, and today promises to be even better! Here is a short look at the top events and premieres offered to you today:

Special events:

Karaoke Party

The Mousonturm café will play host to two rounds of Karaoke this week, tonight starting at 9:30 and Friday at 10. Tonight will also include a special karaoke competition, where everyone is free to take part. Many of our team members join in the fun, so if for no other reason, come watch us demonstrate our immense talents!

A.R.G.DA.NA.NI Sound-Picture Performance 

Tonight at 9 p.m., Jan van Husselt will offer a unique, multi-media performance that can’t be properly described with words; it can only be experienced.

Happy Reshaping 

Today marks the first day of a featured sculpture exhibit by Noliko TAKI, which will take place in Eulengasse and runs through the end of the festival.  Check our program for further details and opening times.

Reduction – Sumi-E! 

Atelierfrankfurt plays host to displays of traditional Japanese ink-wash paintings by Renalisa Bergmann.  Like Happy Reshaping, there are a number of times throughout the festival when the exhibit is open to the public.

Noh Masks: Traditional Japanese Carving 

Our guest Hideta KITAZAWA will give a presentation this evening in Studio 3 on the carving of Noh masks, used in traditional Japanese theater.

Special premieres: 

Shin Godzilla by Hideaki ANNO and Shinji HIGUCHI

One of the most anticipated films of the festival, this latest installment in the massive Godzilla franchise has already garnered widespread critical and audience praise.

Happiness by SABU

Cult director SABU returns with an existential drama about the price of being to constantly re-experience the happiest moments of your life.

The Projects by Junji SAKAMOTO

Relying on a cast of veteran performers, this refreshing comedy will be premiered in Germany for the first time ever.

95 and 6 To Go by Kimi TAKESUE

Japanese-American filmmaker Kimi TAKESUE takes a journey into her familial history following the death of her grandfather in Hawaii.

Meet The Guests:

Boys for Sale by Itako

Not only is tonight’s screening of this unique documentary the world premiere of the film, the protagonist Co and producer Ian Thomas Ash (previously winner of the Nippon Visions Jury Award and the Nippon Vision Audience Award) will be in attendance for both the screening and a short Q&A afterwards.

Bangkok Nites by Katsuya TOMITA

The associate producer of the film, Terutaro OSANAI, will be attending tonight’s German premiere of this film about a worker in Bangkok’s Red Light District.

Love and Goodbye and Hawaii by Shingo MATSUMURA

The international premiere of this bittersweet comedy about breaking up will be blessed with the presence of Shingo MATSUMURA himself, the film’s director.

Skip City Shorts

This presentation of four selected short film works will take place in the presence of the director Yusuke HATAI (Vanish).

If You Haven’t Been:

Game Center

As always, the daily center of the festival includes a Game Corner, where retro arcade games are on offer the whole day, every day, for kids and adults and kids-at-heart alike. Look for Studio 2 in Mousonturm, on the second floor.

-Noah Franc

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