Nippon Connection 2018- The Daily Highlights (June 3rd)

It all comes to a head today, as we finally wrap up Nippon Connection 2018.  Parting is, as always, such sweet sorrow, but there are still a few things to look forward to so that you can get your last Nippon fix until next year.

Special Events:

Film Talks

The final Film Talk of this year’s festival is with our Nippon Honor Award recipient, Shinobu Terajima, moderated by Luk van Haute.  The film talk will be held in English.

Nippon Open Air: Duo Fuga

The artist duo Fuga, which consists of cellist Alice UEHARA and flutist Mutsumi ITO, will show off their virtuoso talents in this open-air performance. The two female artists combine classic instruments and modern sounds from film and pop music in a fascinating way.


Special Premiers:

Mutafukaz by Shojiro NISHIMI and Guillaume Renard

This adaptation of director Renard’s own comic strip is one of our craziest and most unique visual offerings in this year’s Nippon Animation section.

Wilderness (Part I & II) by Yoshiyuki KISHI

Tonight is the European premiere of this epic adaptation of the novel of the same name by Shuji TERAYAMA.

Flower and Sword by Tetsuo SHINOHARA

Tonight is this comedy’s German premiere.

Recall by Katsuhide MOTOKI

Director MOTOKI’s latest corporate crime drama is premiering tonight for the first time in all of Europe, and is in competition for the Nippon Cinema Award.

Noise by Yusaku MATSUMOTO

Our closing screening for Nippon Visions is the feature film debut of Yusaku MATSUMOTO.


Meet the Guests:

City of Betrayal by Daisuke MIURA

This romantic drama will be the official concluding film of this year’s festival, and will include the final award ceremony for Shinobu Terajima, this year’s Nippon Honor Award recipient.


If You Haven’t Been:

Tea Lounge & Café

If, after the excitement and hubbub of an entire week at Nippon, you need some place to relax and recuperate, our tea lounge in the Naxoshalle is the perfect place for you. Here you can savor delicious Japanese green tea, or homemade pastries with Matcha. The cafe also features many gastronomical specialties, from Takoyaki Balls and Japanese crepes to sushi.

-Noah Franc

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